Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Princes of the Church

For the Solemnity of Peter & Paul--and don't we wish we had fireworks?--Elpis, the wife of Boethius, sang a beautiful song in praise of these Princes of the Church. The gist is this (in the translation by Fr Ronald Knox):

"What fairer light is this than time itself doth own,
The golden day with beams more radiant brightening?
The princes of God's Church this feast day doth enthrone,
To sinners heavenward bound their burden lightening.

One taught mankind its creed, one guards the heavenly gate,
Founders of Rome, they bind the world in loyalty;
One by hte sword achieved, one by the cross his fate;
With laurelled brows they hold eternal royalty.

Rejoice O Rome, this day; thy walls they once did sign
With princely blood, who now their glory share with thee.
What city's vesture glows with crimson deep as thine?
What beauty else has earth that may compare with thee?

To God the three in one eternal homage be,
All honor, all renown, all songs victorious,
Who rules both heaven and earth by one divine decree
To everlasting years in empire glorious!"

Rejoice O Rome! O felix Roma! Fireworks!


Justin Dziowgo said...

Thanks for this post. I sang this song this morning during the Office, but I didn't look at who did the translation or original text. God bless Msgr. Knox.

Perry Lorenzo said...

Yes, and in the Liber Usualis, there are two chant settings for the original hymn . . .or I should say, the medieval version of the original hymn . . .and the second version, in the 1st mode, is beautiful! Oh, the riches and beauty of the treasure of the Church! Speaking of Msgr. Knox, wouldn't it have been swell if we were using his translation of the Bible at Mass?