Sunday, August 21, 2005

Could Every Day Be Like This?

Could every day be like this? People from all over the world, side by side, all offering their love and adoration to God? A symphony of diversity in communion? The sentiments of the Schiller Ode to Joy, as set by Beethoven, actually taking place? Peace on earth, almost heaven on earth? All real, historical, visible, because God has become Man in the person of Jesus Christ and has gathered His people to Himself? All with us, because Jesus Christ has called His Church from all the nations, and He has given us the visible symbol of witness and unity in the person of St Peter? All still with us, because Pope Benedict XVI, the holder of that Petrine office, still gives such witness and still brings us all together, diversity in unity, this symphony of praise, this union in communion?

How beautiful to live in this Springtime of the Church!

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