Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Transformation in Christ

"Since this act transmutes death into love, death as such is already conquered from within, the Resurrection is already present in it. Death is, so to speak, mortally wounded, so that it can no longer have the last word. To use an image well known to us today, this is like inducing nuclear fission in the very heart of being -- the victory of love over hatred, the victory of love over death. Only this intimate explosion of good conquering evil can then trigger off the series of transformations that little by little will change the world. All other changes remain superficial and cannot save. For this reason we speak of redemption: What had to happen at the most intimate level has indeed happened, and we can enter into its dynamic. Jesus can distribute his Body, because he truly gives himself."

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N. J. K. said...

When I was 12 years old I had a rough life, and was staying at my Grandparents while I went to school.

I woke up one night to find a man at the edge of my bed, and he started to glow. His skin and cloths emmitted radiant white light, and microscopic particles through him began to swirl and become more intense like they were bombarding other particles. After roughly a few seconds of discharge I became frieghtened and lifted the covers over my head and screamed. I hesitated to look again, and he vanished.

I remember his face and robe were white and yellow like the sun. He was anglo saxon, and long white/yellow hair. Until just recently I didn't understand what I saw, and was not a hallucination, whent I read about the transformation of christ in a book.

What really astonished me was when I recently told my father, and grandmother about what I saw in 1989, and described the happenings in detail, they too on one occasion have seen this christ like person (no translucency) transforming when they awake from a deep sleep.

I drew a picture and created a flash animation of what I saw.


Nick Kowalewicz