Thursday, July 28, 2005

Benedict Our Pope


NathanE said...


I find myself drawn to B16, more so than JPII. I don't know if I didn't want to fall in lock-step with the throngs of screaming adorers or if I'm just a curmudgeon. But, I find myself much more interested in B16s statements and writings. There's something about his humility, shyness and intellect that draw me to him. Perhaps it's the old narcissist saw, "what you like in other people is what you desire in your self".

Thanks for blogging. You have a well-designed site and I check it daily.


Alex Vitus said...

Same here. Sandro Magister in one of his columns said:
"The same masses of the faithful that applauded the gestures or striking phrases of pope Karol Wojtyla, while almost completely missing what it was that he was talking about, are doing the opposite with the new pope. They follow Ratzinger's homilies word for word, from beginning to end, with an attentiveness that astonishes the experts. Verifying this takes nothing more than mingling among the crowds in attendance at a Mass celebrated by the pope."

I think there is that part too: the writings of B16 is much more easy to read and understand; where as you have to read and re-read JP2's writings again and again to figure out his ideas (I am reading Christifideles Laici nowadays.) Another thing I read somewhere about Benedict is that how he does everything he can to divert attention from himself (in Eucharistic celebration to the Eucharist; in his writings to Christ; as a pontiff to his Ministry; etc etc.. .) Yes, the humility, intellect and shyness: I desire that in my life too. :-)

Albertus M said...

To supplement this lovely portrait showing His Holiness' contemplative side, there is also a more recent picture revealing his inner hipness.

Perry Lorenzo said...

Yes, thank you for the delightful shot of the Pope strolling in his sunglasses! Who would have known that he would be such a media star!