Friday, July 22, 2005

Speak Mary Declaring What Thou Sawest Wayfaring

The passages offered to us by the Church about her, this Apostle to the Apostles, are rich & beautiful, so much more so than a recent popular novel and a soon to be released popular movie. The tradition that weaves together, probably inaccurately, threads of tales about several women--the woman taken in adultery, the woman who annointed Jesus, the sister of Martha--with the story of the first witness to the Resurrection is an old tradition; and we will not know the truth of it all this side of heaven. Certainly her witness to the Risen Lord is her chief act, for herself and for us. Speak Mary declaring what thou sawest wayfaring! "I have seen the Lord!" But all the other tales too, linked into one tapestry by the name "Mary", make her a figure of the Church herself--sinful, forgiven, loving, adoring. Her tale is thus our tale! This is no "code" but the beautiful imagery offered us by the Scriptures in the Church!

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