Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Light of St James

How graced we are at St James Cathedral--in fact, in the cathedral parish, we are given the light of all three of Our Lord's messianic offices. His priestly office shines through the splendour of the Liturgy, the daily round of prayer, the enactment of the sacrifice of the Mass, the very presence of Jesus Christ Himself in the blessed sacrament, all lifted up by the voices of music. His prophetic office shines through the articulation of His teaching in the eloquence of Fr Ryan, the apostolic witness of the Archbishop, the handing on of the Faith to children and together with adults, and the listening and longing of the catechumens. His kingly office shines forth in the organism of the communal life of the cathedral parish, in the faces of the people, perhaps most of all in the daily meal for the poor. Yes, this great house of God and gate of Heaven is a moment and location of light for us, and we are graced indeed!

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